a year ago
They handle your dog as their own. Every groomer is kind and good with animals! In addition, they do exceptional work! My baby Cinnamon is going on 5 years old and she loves going to the groomer and always comes out looking great! Great Job!
- Helen S
a year ago
They are wonderful. This is the best experience I have ever had with groomers. I have a highly-anxious labradoodle and they are the only one that knows how to handle him and they are fully knowledgeable and experienced. I feel safe leaving him in their hands. Indeed! Highly recommend!
- Patricia A
a year ago
They do a magnificent job cutting my dog's fur and even give him a walk before or after the grooming process. Most importantly, my dog is very anxious and they noticed that. They take time extra time out of their busy schedule for him to feel relaxed. This reduces his anxiety, making him move less, thus allowing for a better haircut. They are professionals, its in the name. I would recommend to all dog owners.
- Crystal W

Best Plano TX Dog Grooming Services

Why Dog Grooming Is A Must?

Unlike what the title implies, dog grooming does not automatically mean a day trip to the pet spa. If you are comfy with doing the grooming yourself, it is perfectly all right to do it at home. Grooming your pet is one of the primary obligations of a dog owner. It does extra than making your pet appear its best. Regularly grooming dogs produces healthier, happier pets. The act of grooming your cherished dogs is also one way of bonding with your pet. If you are nonetheless not satisfied as to why you need to groom your pet, the following are a few different reasons to make you consider doing it as a regular activity.

The Best Plano Texas Dog Grooming Services

Basic Dog Grooming Activities

• Nail trimming
Much like people, a dog's nails can grow too long. Long toenails can end up uncomfortable for the pet as these can snag on materials such as the carpeting in your home. The possibility of getting accidentally scratched will increase as the nail grows longer. As such, the pet turns into a threat not only to themselves but to other pets and humans as well.

• Ear cleaning
Dogs with long, floppy ears want to have their ears cleaned extra regularly as they are more prone to growing ear infections or diseases. To determine the health of a dog's ears, virtually take a look at the skin and the quantity of visible waxy residue. Healthy ears have a mild purple hue with minimal dark brown waxy residue. A dog that has developed an ear infection will have a tendency to yelp, shake its heads, or hold the head to one side.

• Teeth cleaning
Ideally, a dog's set of canines needs to be cleaned as regularly as an individual set of pearly whites does. There are treats and toys which can assist smooth teeth. In such cases, brushing can be restrained to once a week. Owners should never use human toothpaste when brushing their pet's teeth. Dogs tend to swallow toothpaste, causing them to get sick.

• Brushing of hair
Dogs commonly like having their fur brushed, regardless of the length. The frequency relies upon the length of the dog's hair, though there is no harm in brushing it daily. Regular brushing is additionally one way of bonding with pets. There are many types of brushes designed to accommodate special breeds. Brushes that have short, triangle-shaped teeth are first-rate for puppies with quick coats whilst brushes that have cone-shaped prongs are proper for medium size coats. Dogs such as poodles and Shih Tzu will gain from being brushed with a pin or bristle topped brushes.

• Bathing
The method of bathing a dog can be a stressful experience for some pets and owners. Some dogs hate being bathed and can also run away when they hear the sound of running water. Generally speaking, dogs should be bathed about once every one to two months, regardless of the kind of coat. The only exception to the rule is if the dog often goes out and gets dirty. In such cases, you need to regulate the frequency of the baths.

The process of sending a pet to a dog daycare may be a greater recent trend however it is a trend that produces extraordinary results. Dog grooming makes your dog feel good. Do not think of it as a pampering expense. Instead, think about grooming your dog to create happier, more healthy pets in your home.

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